Ecosafe Services is a leading cleaning company in Sydney that is experienced with cleaning offices, childcare centers, churches, gyms, universities, stratas, medical offices, and other commercial businesses.

We are not Franchise company . All our cleaner is fully trained and experienced cleaner to do their job in the right way ( hygiene protocol and safety). Our staff only promise nothing but excellent results.

We do not oblige our customers to stay while we do what we need to do. We understand that people are busy too and that they have their own duties to fulfill. Ecosafe Services cleans after hours while the entire office sleeps. This will ensure that we are not disrupting any work that is being done in the office during the daytime. In some cases, customers also prefer cleaning during working hours – we are also totally fine with that.

We use a wide variety of green cleaning products. Material Data Sheet is also available upon request. The cleaning equipment that we use are all up to date and well maintained. And we will use the mini floor scrubber for some office instead of traditional mop.

Ecosafe Services covers the cleaning chemicals and bin liners. We also supply toilet paper, hand towel, and other toilet consumables.

Absolutely. We perform police checks to make sure that we are only employing the right people that we trust.

Absolutely! We can show proof of insurance at your request.

We can do as much as daily like Monday to Sunday if that is what you need. We require at least a fortnightly visit for routine cleaning.

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