Commercial / Office Cleaning

With the majority of workers spending around 40 hours each week in their office environment keeping the office clean, and ensuring it is a healthy and safe place to be is of utmost importance to office manager. While many offices simply choose to rely on its employees to keep the working environment clean and tidy, hiring professional cleaners can make a huge difference and can save your business time and money.

Are you over dealing with a cleaning company that doesn’t want to listen? Well we do!

We have seen almost everything there is to cleaning different types of office in Sydney. No worry! We have got you covered!

  • Disease spread is reduced.
  • Better results with the right tools professional cleaning tools are required for commercial cleaning.
  • Different areas in the commercial building require different cleaning care and maintenance.
  • The more organised the workspace, the more productive the employee mindset.
  • Ensure a 100% germ-free workplace and dust-free
  • We offer daily, weekly or fortnightly visits according to your requirement.

Childcare & School Cleaning

Keeping children safe is a primary priority. An unkempt daycare facility can quickly transform into a haven for dirt and grime. These facilities tend to have a large number of toys and games that children can use. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service can alleviate these concerns. Commercial cleaners will have the products and tools to clean daycare facilities, in turn keeping children safe.

Why is it important to hire professional cleaning for your childcare centre?

  • Infections are easily spread in childcare centres.
  • A clean childcare centre is beneficial to business.
  • An in-house janitor might miss out on some spots since they don’t follow standard protocols in place.
  • Ecosafe Services would use 100% non-toxic cleaning supplies that are safe for children.

Gym/Fitness Cleaning


Gyms are places where your members will attend fitness classes, lift weights, and do cardiovascular workouts. Gyms give way to a lot of sweat equity. Members also often contact shared surfaces, whether on equipment, weights, or bathrooms and showers. The bottom line is that bacteria are present in the gym environment, and a professional cleaning company can help eliminate it to keep equipment and surfaces clean and members healthy.

Why need to hire a professional gym cleaning Sydney for your gym?

  • Non-toxic and completely eco-friendly cleaning equipment and supplies
  • Lesser involvement: Call us up, fix an appointment at your convenience
  • No corner left: We inspect every inch of your fitness center and follow standard patterns of cleaning.
  • World-class equipment: We used I-MOP (mini floor scrubber) to make your floor sparking clean.

Pub and Club Cleaning

After a night full of happy customers and wild times, your nightclub or bar can look like a mess but there’s no time to waste. You’re already planning for the next night. Spilled drinks, messy floors, and more have destroyed the presentation of your nightclub. The energetic atmosphere and clean presentation of a nightclub is a major part of the attraction, directing people to your club.

Why should you hire a professional team to clean your pub?

  • Cleaning every nook and corner with precision and making the place more hygienic and safe for the customers.
  • Use high-quality products and cleaning approach to make your place clean and fresh
  • Willing to sign a contract guaranteeing complete security and privacy of your business during our work

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Strata Cleaning

  • Medical Center Cleaning
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Factory Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Covid-19 Disinfection
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